When loyalty becomes a weapon

She stayed loyal because she believed this time it's for real...
that he'd finally be the caring person she wanted and needed.......
and well, deserved
......and that they two can move forward as if all this,
this storm, this icing out,
 was just a temporary setback.
He created a mess in her head
worse, in their children
He did it proudly, without fear of harming them
   because he knew she was loyal.
he assumed...he took for granted this gift.
These lives he thought he'd always have to ruin and control....

Even as he stepped on their self confidence and twisted their self worth
He set a fire and watched it burn
Playing innocent victim, himself
 thinking they'd always be his supply
not knowing she'd gather the strength to break free
Through prayer.

He thought her vows would keep her loyal to his indifference...
his offenses....
allowing him to be puppet master always.

He was wrong.

She found, to no one's surprise but his,
that her loyalty blinded her to the difference between existing and living
.....between knowing the path and walking the path
....between possibility and peace

“A person's rightful due is to be treated
as an object of love, not as an object for use.”
Love and Responsibility  ~ authored by my hero ~ Pope St John Paul II

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